Happy Hour Coupon

Is there time that you feel lonely? That your business looks like a desert?

Maximize customer spending in the days and hours you feel you need it the most – Ask them to redeem their coupons only during Happy Hours and get busy the time you need it. Increase consumption with a multi redemption coupon, limited to the days, hours and business spots you choose.


Mobile Coupon Types
  • Value Coupons e.g. 20 euro off any purchase o specific product
  • Discount Coupon e.g. 20% off any purchase or any product
  • Custom Coupon e.g. Buy 1 product get 1 free
Validity Periods of Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons can be configured to:

  • Have No Expiry
  • Expire certain days after been sent
  • Be valid only on specific Date Range
Availability of Mobile Coupons

Create unlimited rules for the availability of your Mobile Coupons. Make them available on:

  • Specific days
  • Specific time frames per day
  • Specific time frames per day on specific locations
Redemptions of Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons can be configured to:

  • Be redeemed unlimited times
  • Be redeemed specific number of times on specific days and time slots in any location
  • Be redeemed specific number of times on specific days and time slots while also on specific locations

Indicative examples




Available Mobile Coupon Campaigns at your fingertips:

Discount Card, Coupon Card, Prepaid Card, Gift Card - Engage your customers with valuable offers, discounts and product promotions.

Happy Hour promotions - Create time sensitive mobile coupons and drive traffic to your stores or venues exactly the days and times you need.

Coupon Rally - No more boring offers. Add excitement to your campaigns with interactive mobile coupon games.

Coupon Marathon - Organize a coupon marathon and track down bargain seekers.

Mobile Coupon Campaigns Tools

We provide you with all the tools you will need in order to easily create professionally looking mobile coupon campaigns:

Online Mobile Coupon Creator

online mobile card creator

Create impressive mobile coupons easily and with no experience using our online mobile coupon creator.


Mobile Coupon delivery mechanisms

Μηχανισμοί διανομής Mobile Coupons

Instantly deliver mobile coupons to your customers mobile phones using SMS, Multimedia SMS or Emails.


Mobile Coupon Opt-In Mechanisms

 Μηχανισμοί Opt-In για Mobile Coupons

Use provided Opt-In mechanisms, and rapidly spread coupons to your customers. Use Facebook, Twitter, Website, Posters with QR codes, Premium SMS.


Scanning, Validation and Redemption of Mobile Coupons

Σκανάρισμα, Επικύρωση και Εξαργύρωση των Mobile Coupons

Use provided Scanning Validation and redemption mechanisms in order to execute your campaigns.


Looking to replace plastic with electronic mobile cards?

If you have already implemented couponing in your business and are looking to replace paper coupons with mobile coupons then you are in the right place! Import your existing coupon codes in our system and we will make sure to deliver a unique coupon every time to your customers. Take advantage of the provided Opt-In Mechanisms and see your customer database explode!